What Should Be On Your Countertop

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Your Countertop, if you are running a shop that sells any kind of food or drink, is not just for making and receiving payments; if you have on your countertop a credit card device, a till, or a combined form of these two and maybe name cards for your shop, it is far from enough. If that is what your countertop looks like you are missing a great deal. Your countertop is not the spot on which your commercial dealings are made complete, i.e. by receiving payments. It is also a spot for the continuation of your commercial dealings. It should feature products of relevance, fitting sizes, shape, color, and appealing power that your customers can pick up at the last minute; especially those items that would stand out and look very well on your countertop.

If you have a small, compact table or stand for your counter and there simply isn’t enough room for these last-minute-purchase goods, have a separate table or stand: but remember, never far apart from your counter. Have it right next to your counter so that the hand that reaches for the cash or credit card can just as easily reach for those goods.

Examples of these would be the smaller cookies, chocolates, candy bars (especially if you own a bakery, patisserie or dessert shop), provided they are well packaged. You want your goods to look attractive, especially at the last minute, and hygienic packaging is an essential part of the attraction. If you make the packaging attractive and appealing, your items for sale will appear to be suitable gifts for your customers to buy for other people. If you are a restaurant owner, it is frequently the case that a customer, after having a good meal, might be interested in buying some nicely packaged desserts for his or her family.

Alternatively, you might want to give your customers some small thank-you gifts like candy bars for free, so that they may induce your customers revisit you, they should be placed on or very close to your countertop as well. You can of course put them by the door but this has some disadvantages: 1) they may be overlooked, and 2) they may not be overlooked but instead become abused by people who simply take too many at a time, spill them or something of the kind. And 3) they might be picked up by the wrong people, i.e. people who simply are not your customers, 4) they might be picked up by the right people but you could have made your gifts more memorable by seeing them off with a smile as they are being picked up.

Lastly, your last-minute-sales or free gifts should be chosen to fit the overall image of the shop as you want to convey it; they should be worthy of the best service and menu offered at your dining place, café or tearoom. For an optimized countertop to go with your shop make sure to read the restaurant equipment nyc review.