Studio Portraits With A Single Light Source

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Whether you have your own studio or is simply renting out a professional photo studio hire london has available whenever the need arises, you still need to know how to work with proper lighting. With most studios, the lighting kits are available for use with or without an additional fee. There is a possibility that there is more than one lighting source available for you to use. It can be a bit overwhelming for a new photographer to work with these artificial lights because one can’t simply learn everything in just a short time.

In order to somewhat calm down the nerves of the photographer in working in the studio, it is important to have a light set-up that is simple enough but would still be able to help get great shots. Lessening the overwhelming number of lights, strobes as well as modifiers can help simplify the setup. One of the main things photographers can overlook is the shadow created by the light source that they are using. Although the focus on the light source is important, the shadows it create are just as important to. The best way to understand it all is to simply experiment on it and practice. With practice, you can surely get better images as you go on. Here are other tips as well in making use of a single light source for your studio portraits.

Simplicity For Starters
As a beginner at this or even those who have quite an experience with studio photography, simplifying the setup is best done. To keep things simple, you should make use of one light source only. In this way, you can really see the effects of the changes you make with the single lighting. You only need to change this single thing and it can cause a great effect with the images you get.

Your Light Source Of Choice
For starters it best to get a large light source so that it will be capable of lighting up not only your subject but also the background. For a softer quality of light, you may want to make use of a diffused light so that it wouldn’t also be too hot for your subject.

The Light Placement
After selecting the light source you are going to use, it is now time to determine where you should place the light source. When you place the light source near your subject, you will have a softer light, which just means that the transition from the light parts to the shadow parts are gradual. On the contrary, having a light source away from the subject would give a harsher transition from the light to the shadow. To get a better look at how this affects your images, you can try both and compare.

Most photographers will tell you that a loop lighting pattern would be your best bet if you are simply starting with your studio photography. With this pattern, the light source will be at a 45 degree angle to the side and above the subject.