Quitting Smoking and Using E-Cigarette

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The old saying is always true that “old habits die hard.” In the same way, some people often stick to a habit even though they perfectly know and understand that the said habit is in itself detrimental to their health and well-being. What may be the reason why old habits die hard? The reason is simple: a habit is a sort of addiction. Once a person gets hooked to a certain habit— although the addiction is gradual in its development—the person will definitely find it hard to kick a habit. The reason for this is simple: habit is comparable to the gravity which pulls the materials of the planet together. Spacecraft needs a very strong force to hurl itself out of the gravitational pull of the planet. In the same way, a person who wants to kick a habit has to use a very strong force initially to get out of a habit. Say for instance, you want to quit the habit of smoking; sometimes you have to be very determined to quit the habit so that you can kick it. Yet, people sometimes do not have that initial strong determination to get out of the gravitational pull of a habit, and sometimes, a grave situation has to happen first, wherein they are already experiencing the brunt of a bad habit, to make them very determined to kick the habit. I have known a lot of people who quit smoking only after they had experienced a mild stroke which terribly shook them.

Yet, many of us who want to quit smoking do not want to wait for that time when our bodies are already nearing the point-of-no-return in relation to the effects of smoking. However, I guess an alternative would be good for a while in quitting the habit of smoking. It may not be the life-changing mild stroke experience. However, it may be a viable alternative. You can readily check Kanger tanks information to learn more about a good alternative to smoking, and one of this alternative is the use of e-cigarette.

Is the use of e-cigarette capable of helping us quit smoking?
The debate may go on and on about the effectiveness of e-cigarette or e-cig in helping a person to cope with the process of quitting smoking. Yet, until there are no conclusive verifiable studies on the effectiveness of e-cigarette in bringing an end to the habit of smoking, the debate and issue will go on and on. At present, there are conflicting findings and results from different studies on the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of e-cig in achieving independence from smoking. Some studies maintain that, in some ways, the use of e-cigar helps those who want to quit smoking kick the habit. On the other hand, there are studies that indicate that the use of e-cig isn’t effective. Yet, in one study, it was indicated that around sixty percent of those who want to quit smoking are greatly helped by the use of e-cigarette. However, until there are no conclusive studies on this issue, we will always be left at a loss as to the effectiveness of the e-cigarette in putting an end to tobacco smoking.