Photography Today

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When you talk about photography today, many people will think you are talking about the snaps they take with their cellphone cameras but those are not real photography. Real photography today is the same as it has been ever since cameras were invented and that is a photograph taken by either a professional photographer or at least a photograph taken by a keen amateur but in both cases today, it will mean photos taken with a DSLR camera, one which allows for settings to be done manually. The cellphone cameras are great for snapshots especially as, being part of a cellphone, people usually have them with them at all times, enabling them to take snaps at impromptu photo ops. However, any cellphone camera does have limitations are those limitations are due to its small size.

Because of their small size, a cellphone camera can only have one lens and so that alone limits it to just certain types of photos and then the size also only allows for it to have a small sensor, one that although may be good, because of its size cannot get a full and total sample of all the light surrounding the subject or object to be photographed. A DSLR camera though has no such limitations and so different lenses can be used to take different types of photos and as the aperture settings can be set manually, photographs in almost any light conditions can be taken. The sensors on a DSLR camera are larger than those on a cellphone camera and so can provide the photographer with a better light reading, allowing them to set the aperture they want for the type of photo they want to take. It is important for a good camera to be able to have a variety of different lenses which are compatible with it, allowing the photographer to use a zoom lens for objects far away, a wide-angle lens if they want a panoramic type photo or perhaps a macro lens for taking a photo of some very small object.

A very reasonable camera available today is the Sony A6000 and this has special lenses which can be used with it. The best lens for sony a6000 camera is of course one which has been specifically designed for it but as long as the a lens attaches in the same way, any lens could be used. The A6000 lenses though are considered very good, so good in fact that special adaptors have been designed so that they can be used with other cameras too. As DSLR cameras will always allow photographers to take better photos than those a cellphone camera can provide, professional photographers, using professional DSLR cameras will still be in demand regardless of how many budding photographers there are using cellphone cameras. Of course as always, the time when a professional photographer is in high demand is at the time of graduations and of course in the event of a marriage ceremony and reception.