Maintaining a Good Looking Beard

maisel-bamberg beard

Unless you want the look of a werewolf, you will still have to shave on a fairly regular basis in order to maintain a good looking beard. Usually a beard is defined as the area above the crease in your neck where the chin meets the neck, usually just above the Adams apple and the ends of the beard are defined as being along lines that extend down from the outside ends of the sideburns. Of course though, some specific designs of beard mean extensions to the ends of the beard but nearly all only go to the defined bottom mark as otherwise, they can look like an extension to chest hair.

To look good though, a beard does not just have to have a shape that is maintained, it also needs to look clean and healthy and that requires that beard products are used. Different beard products have different qualities and therefore do different jobs in keeping a beard looking healthy and therefore good. Among these products are beard oil, beard wax and beard balm. As when you wash your beard, the natural oils contained in the hair are washed out, those oils need to be replaced and that is where beard oil comes in, it replaces the oils that are essential for a healthy looking beard and also make the beard softer. Beard waxes are really only used to assist in the shaping of the beard, making it able to be shaped into almost any style that you like. Although many people may not have heard of beard waxes, they probably will be aware at least of moustache waxes that enable some people to sport the once popular handlebar moustaches. Another product for the maintenance of good healthy hair in your beard is a beard balm. A beard balm is basically a combination of beard oil and a beard wax and so, in some cases and at some times, a beard balm can be used instead of one or both of the other products. The beard balm will contain oils to replace the ones that have been washed out, a top beard oil and other ingredients that will assist in the styling of a beard. However, the styling qualities in a balm are probably only suitable for the shorter beards, perhaps 4 inches long or less, for longer beards, the special beard wax is more appropriate and more effective.

The beard oils and the beard balms are made up of a combination of different oils, oils that provide the ingredients for healthy hair and they will usually also contain ingredients that make the hair or beard smell nice. Obviously dependent on the actual ingredients used in the products, the beards can have a variety of different smells, allowing for personal preference. As with regular hair products, the oils and balms can also contain ingredients to condition your beard. The beard wax on the other hand, is mainly made up of either beeswax or petroleum products and is therefore essentially, just a styling product.