Different Steps in Making Whisky Using Copper Still

maisel-bamberg copper stills

DIY can be done in so many ways to save more from the original cost of the products around the market. And the home-made liquor, whisky and beer are the most common products made available at home. In the US Federal law, making whisky at home is against the law. However, DIY makers for their personal or occasional consumptions cannot be prevented. And it really exists but hidden mostly in the remote areas like the farm houses or vacation houses because the <a href=”http://www.moonshinestills.net“>copper still</a>: can be buried underground if necessary.

These are the different steps in making whisky:

Setting up the installations

Of course, before you can start everything else, the complete installations of the gadgets needed are the first requirements. So, you need to choose between copper or stainless materials. In this case, price comparisons always matter and considering for the long use is important as well.

Choosing the raw materials for homemade whisky

Be reminded that the taste of whisky relies on the raw materials that you use and the target of alcohol level as well. It is important that you got the alcohol level target before you start experimenting to DIY whisky. You can choose between whole corn and rye grain as the raw materials for whisky. The procedures are:

Malting- this is where you need to soak the corn or rye to the water in order to sprout or soften the cover for easy dressing of the raw and get dried for the next step which is mashing.

Mashing- In this level of preparations, the raw needs to be pulverized in order to produce sugar that will add the taste for the whisky with a certain degree level of hotness up to 68°C while mixing, and this process must be repeated up to 3 times.

Fermentation- after mashing, you can add it in the separate safety sealed large glass bottle that will allow the bubbles to subside in few days. The steps will also depend on the kind of raw that you use to make whisky.

Distilling- You need to transfer the liquid into another sealed glass bottle to separate the starch and produce the high level of alcohol. In this stage of whisky preparation, you can already see the nice image of the whisky after the separation of mash.

Maturation- you must be decided about the color of the whisky that you want to have. The longer period that you will keep it in the still pot, the darker it may change the color. Better taste the whisky to get the best alcohol level at your maximum level.

Bottling- when you are satisfied with the color and taste of your DIY whisky using the

copper still: bottling would be the last step. And after that, it would be ready for display on your home mini bar. Every time you got a guest in your home, be proud to introduce your homemade whisky because for sure they would appreciate while tasting. And then you can serve as their guide as well to make their own DIY whisky at home.