Choosing The Right Ergonomic Chairs For Your Office

One should choose an office chair that supports your posture because this helps to prevent neck, back and wrist injuries as well as maximize your function at work. For you to get the best ergonomic chair, one needs to know the ergonomic chairs characteristics and how it will support your need. It is possible to find a great chair with the right ergonomic features even without going high end. Always remember that in order to have a truly ergonomic chair, you need to keep the proper heights for your office equipment and workstation.

Below are the basic characteristics to consider while choosing an – best ergonomic chair for your office:

1. Lower back support

Since the lower backs are usually concave in shape, a good support for the lower back should have a convex shape that will mold your lower back part. One need to feel the support in your lower back then sit to enable your upper back to lean into the back rest and this allows your neck and shoulder to relax as well.

2. Adjustability

Ensure that the ergonomic chair is able to adjust the seat height, arm rest and back rest. Due to various people’s shapes and sizes, one should make sure the chair has adjustability options. The chair should be height adjustable so as to allow different height in people and also to adjust according to your desk so as to enable your hips to be slightly higher than your knees.

Research shows that 100 degrees angle is the optimal position for your spine so as to reduce compression through the pressure on the discs and spinal column of your lower back hence the back rest should be adjustable. The arm rest should be adjustable so they can allow you to rest your elbow on them so the shoulder are relaxed and bow the elbows at 90 degrees. Fixed arms don’t allow one to sit in a nice and close position with your chair at the expected height.

3. Endorsements

The best office chairs are the ones that have been endorsed by the Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathic Associations since they are the gurus on back pain meaning, if they recommend a chair and then it is automatically a good one.

4. Guarantee

It is important to make sure that your ergonomic chair comes with a guarantee, at least of 5 years.

5. Seat depth and edge

Ensure that the ergonomic chair has a waterfall edge since the front of the seat should slope down slightly. This makes the chair to be more comfortable and your hamstring muscles will be your friends throughout. Also check on the seat depth and edge as many chairs are made with a large seat depth and it might not favor an average person.

It is advisable to buy an ergonomic office chair locally as it is cheaper and you don’t have to pay for the exchange rate money. Buying a chair from outside may not be well and the quality might be dodgy.