Ways to Prevent Your Dog From Messing Up Your Trash Can

maisel-bamberg dog proof trash can

Dogs can be quite the curious animals. While this curiosity of theirs can be a good thing as this can make them extra cute and fun to play with, but this curiosity of your pet dog can usually causes more problems than good.

One of the main problems that you may encounter that relates to your dog’s curiosity is that your dog may find themselves in quite dangerous situations due to how curious they are. It is possible that they may ingest substances that can actually be quite dangerous to their health or they may find themselves in places that may cause them injury or harm.

Other problems that you may have that relates to your dog’s curiosity is that they may cause quite a lot of mess or even damage inside your home. For example, it is possible that your dog will scratch, bite or tug on your couch or other pieces of furniture at home. Another common scenario is that your dog will tip your trash can over in order to rummage through the different contents inside the trash can, causing a lot of mess in your home.

If your problem is more on your dog messing up your trash cans on a frequent basis then there are a lot of ways that you can employ in order to prevent this instances from happening. One is that you can actually try and train your dog to not mess up the trash can. You can do this by showing signs of disapproval should you see that your dog is rummaging through the trash can. You can do this by making a loud clapping sound when you see your dog going at it at the trash can again or you can also make a loud, shouting voice to catch your dog’s attention. Other dog owners even take things to the extreme and actually shock their dogs or even inflict some sort of pain in order to catch their pet’s attention.
It is possible that you as a pet owner will not want to hurt your dog so what you might want to consider doing is to focus on the trashcan itself. You can remedy the situation by purchasing trash cans that are dog proof.

Dog proof trash cans are specially designed to prevent your dogs from making a mess with them. Most dog proof trash cans that are available in the market are quite heavy. This makes it very difficult for your pet to tip the trash can over, preventing the contents from spilling out, minimizing the chances of mess. Also, dog proof trash cans feature special lid mechanisms which allow the trash can to be opened via specific methods only and that these methods of opening trash cans are usually inaccessible to your dog. This will prevent them from being able to take trash out of the trashcan with their mouth.

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