Best Train Horn Kit for Installing on a Car or Vehicle

maisel-bamberg Train Horn Kit

If you are looking for the best kit for your car or vehicle, then you will want one that is easy to install and fits easily in your car. This hornblasters will let you know what would work best for your car. Smaller cars will need smaller kits and larger vehicles will have a wide range of options to choose from. The best option for you will be the one that gives you the sound and volume that you are looking for.

Compact Cars

If you have a smaller car that you will likely be restricted to a smaller train horn kit. Ideally you may want a two horn kit because it has a smaller compressor and a smaller tank. This will be easily stored in your car. Since the compressor will need to be stored somewhere protected such as the truck or under the seat you will not want to purchase a larger system only to realize that you have no place to install the air compressor. Some three horn kits offer smaller tanks and compressors but then you may have to sacrifice performance and have a longer wait time for the tank to refill.

Large Cars

For those have larger cars you may have room for a three horn kit or larger if you are willing to give up truck space or you have room under your seats. Some cars may be large but do not have room under the seats because that space is used for the battery or other components. It is a good idea to scout out where you may want to put the components of the air horn so that you will know what space you have to work with and how big of a kit you can buy. You will need to find space for both the air tank and the air compressor so keep this in mind when pricing out train horn kits.


Trucks are the most versatile of the lot and they are the most popular options for train horn upgrades. Since there is the truck bed for storing the air tank the only component that will really take up valuable space is the air compressor. The air compressor must be protected from the elements so it will need to be placed somewhere away from the elements and the engine. Trucks can fit kits as large as five horns and can provide very loud high quality sound. You can even fit larger tanks and faster compressors so that you can get the best performance as well. This means faster tank refills and more uses before a fill is necessary. Trucks also have the best place to display the horns beautifully.

Finding the best train horn installation kit for your car or vehicle requires some pre-planning and evaluation of your available space. Since the kits come with everything you need the only hard part is finding where to install all of the components.